The Sickness (Poem)

I’m feeling so sick All through my body That burning in my gut kind of sick That nothing is right kind of sick That wishing there was something better than this kind of sick Everywhere I turn people are living depravity Lying, cheating, stealing, killing, back-talking, conniving, gossiping, hating, judging, fornicating Unconditional love is taboo Faith is just a word people use when they feel the need to justify their dogmatic principles Men view women as objects of sexual desire And women somehow believe liberation from the patriarchy involves feeding into men’s sexual desire Everything is backwards Nothing is what it seems People don’t even think about the words that come out of their mouths anymore Group think is trend of the era And all groups lead to the war machine The sickness churns through my body More intense day by day I wish I could find a happy place inside so I could lay back and sail away

Check Your Defects of Thinking

Love is not a one way street. Whoever taught you that is a Lizard and you better check that defect right quick or you’re gonna have serious issues as you get older but can’t seem to grow.