The Chosen Few (Poem)

I was well intentioned
Wanted to do the right thing

But the thing is…
I wanted to do things my way

And when my way didn’t work
I wanted to forget the day

But days turn to years
when forgettin is what you live for

And before I knew it
I lost track of who I was

Anger became my fortress
And resentment my M-O

I didn’t have to tools to manage my emotions
Or the courage to keep moving on

I thought anger made me strong
I thought using eased the pain
I thought life was just a series of disappointments and lonely days

I kept tabs on all my woes
Refused to give myself a break
I let everything I didn’t like ruin every single day

But had I not died a spiritual death
I’d had no reason to resurrect

Into the truth, the light, the way
that leads to happy, joyous, free

There was another life I could have lived
but God led me to The Way

Now I’m the chosen few who know the God who sets the spirit free

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