No Matter What ( Poem)

There was nothing I wasn’t addicted to
Everthing I ever enjoyed turned into to ‘do more get more’

Obsessing over everything
Anything that happened had something to do with me
Or so I thought

Compulsively doing things that made no sense
That I didn’t even want to do
That I scorned myself for doing as I continued doing it

Nothing was ever my fault
I was a victim of circumstances that led me to defeat

And when I hit rock bottom
I stayed there and wallowed in it

At some point in my neverending pity run
My knowledge and wisdom ear began to bud

And one day, without indication
That thing called willingness began to bloom

Willingness to admit defeat
And join the grow the fuck up program
The leave your baggage behind program
The we don’t use no matter what program

Death of a loved one
Loss of a job
End of a relationship
Bad calls

We don’t use no matter what
Now what?

We gotta take action

Change our attitudes
Upend old behaviors
Survive our emotions

Whatever we’re going through
We must go through it

Not over, around, under, sideways

We must go through
and come out the other end happy, joyous and free

And when the disease comes a knockin…

Thanks for sharing
And we have a nice way of closing
Cuz we ain’t thinking like that no more

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