No Matter What ( Poem)

There was nothing I wasn’t addicted to Everthing I ever enjoyed turned into to ‘do more get more’ Obsessing over everything Anything that happened had something to do with me Or so I thought Compulsively doing things that made no sense That I didn’t even want to do That I scorned myself for doing as I continued doing it Nothing was ever my fault I was a victim of circumstances that led me to defeat And when I hit rock bottom I stayed there and wallowed in it At some point in my neverending pity run My knowledge and wisdom ear began to bud

Preparing for Job Hunting

I signed up for a Recovery Coach and they paired me with a dude. I told him I need tips for coaching, and preparation for interviews and junk like that. Next week we do mock interviews in peer specialist training. Plus, I am writing out my answers to commonly asked questions so I won’t be studdering and hyperventaling during interviews.

NYC Marathon?

What is all that racket outside? I cant concentrate. It keeps getting louder. Is that the NYC Marathon? Why didn’t I hear they were coming to Harlem? Or is there some typa parade? When is this shit ending? I need QUIET…

Meeting Hunting

Does anybody know where to good virtual NA / AA meetings are? I’m trying to do the 90/90 but I keep finding the biggest snoozefests ever. The last one I went to was just one huge ass kissing parade where everybody went on and on about how great the host was. The host let one dude talk for like five minutes about his job problems, which had nothing to do with recovery. I wanted to interrupt that shit show to ask if it was a NA meeting or an ego-boosting platform for people with low self-esteem.