Called My Sponsor

I called my sponsor yo. That’s a huge step for me. I never talk on the phone, especially not somebody I just met. I told her I been pity potting. She gave me a good pep-talk about gratitude, hope, unconditional love, fellowship, patience, honestly, tolerance, open-mindedness, consideration, etc. I’m excited about having a sponsor and working the steps.

And I love my home group…

Anybody who wants to jack my swag can get out the way. I’m ready to surrender to the program. No more excuses or square dancing with the devil. I’m breaking up with the piddly bugaboo on my shoulder chanting blashphemies into my soul. I’m going to take suggestions and do what I gotta do.

My sponsor suggested I write a gratitude list, pray and exercise before I go to bed. I guess I better do it or the bugaboo is gonna get me. I’m reading the literature now. I have to read the pamphlets before I can start working the steps…

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