I have firmly decided that I absolutely must do the 90 meetings in 90 days. It’s the only way I’m going to get myself motivated to truly work the program.

Just my luck, the first meeting I went to in my 90/90 challenge was the most boringest AA meeting of all times. I dont know it was boring because it was a total snoozefest or if it is because I’ve become accustomed to NA. I like NA better than AA now. I got a NA sponsor and everything. I’m gonna start working the steps one of these days.

I especially like Black people meetings cuz they talk really loud and say hilarious things…


  1. Na works better than aa for me as well. Because there is no bull about we don’t share about drugs here. Because alcohol is a dang drug…I suggest you check out the na speaker section at utube.. if you want a gut laugh look up na speaker bam bam.. u might also like rock…welcome to freedom from using


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