Altered Perception (Poem)

The continuum of altered perception begins before we are born
and ends only when we identify and interpret its existence

The culture of shame
in all its nuances
is rival to all good senses

So vested in in the continuum of inclusion and exclusion
that few can escape the scope of its lenses

So stuck in the clash of who’s better than who
And the war of status
And the fight for what’s true

That we fail to address the problem at hand
The elephant in the room standing up on its head

Who can say they are better?
As they compete in the battle of shame?

Outcasting all who don’t fit in the crowd
Then raising the bars until none can get out

Each trapped in a solitary prison
An abuse no human should ever endure

Until we lose all sight of what we’re worth
And shame becomes who we are

And once you’re trapped in that prison
Theres no telling if you’ll ever get out

If you can’t identify its existence
The altered perception will interpret yourself

So when you find yourself in the trenches
Selling yourself for less than you need

Abscond from your altered perception
Don’t let shame keep you out in the streets

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