Pathologically Pathetic

Every moment I spent with you was pure torture
If there were any good times
I can’t remember them
Because they were blacked out of my mind to protect myself from the rest of your
dearly gifted haunts
And thanks to you
My physical memories were spitefully destroyed as well

You ruined every holiday
Every pregnancy
Every birth
Every family event
You made absolutely sure that I was completely miserable throughout it all
And went out of your way to ensure that everyone thought I was a crazy person
for being completely fucking miserable

It’s been a whopping twenty-five years since you lured me into your
neverending hell of an alleged existence

I know right?
I can’t believe I’m still alive either

Seeing as
the only logical reasoning behind inflicting such torment upon me
is that you want me to kill myself

Even now
I am trying to recover from this bullshit
He whose name must never be mentioned is in the hospital over this bullshit
Yet the big thing that’s on your mind
is perpetuating more bullshit

It would be upsetting
if it weren’t so completely expected of you

You are a sad individual
And you need help that you will never recieve
which makes it even sadder

I pity you
Truly truly truly
I can’t even bring myself to hate you anymore
because you are so pathologically pathetic

I don’t know what to do or say
to make this hell
all go away

All I can do is let go and let God
And all I say say is…


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