Ms. Been Here (Poem)

A Mrs. Got Here told a Mrs. Been Here she didn’t wanna be here no more Mrs. Got Here didn’t need to be here Cuz she got this on here own So Mrs. Been Here told a Mrs. Got Here She best check herself at the door You gon wreck yourself Before you even get yourself If you put yourself before God When you say you got this You already lost this You picked up miles before you even copped shit Talking all the same shit Peddlin the apeshit Lettin all bullshit Keep you in the deep shit Don’t fucken hear what I say Just keep your shit on replay Cuz I’m a still Been Here And you’ll keep coming back here

Narcissists Anonymous

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to watch a bunch of narcissists get together to try to hash out their insanity? How would that even work? It would be a nonstop competition to see who could out conceive the rest into believe one person did each step better than the next. Matter fact…

Pathologically Pathetic

Every moment I spent with you was pure torture If there were any good times I can’t remember them Because they were blacked out of my mind to protect myself from the rest of your dearly gifted haunts And thanks to you My physical memories were spitefully destroyed as well