Knock it Off (Poem)

If I didn’t know any better
I’d think you weren’t over me

But I know something
that you will never see

You don’t hate me cuz you want me
Or for the things you say I’ve done

Or some stupid fight ten years ago
Or what I put up on my blog

You hate me cuz you hate yourself
And I’m an easy punching bag

Cursing me is like ejaculating
On your disgusting porno crap

It’s an easy fix that keeps you going
Until the next time you get the urge

The only problem is
you don’t realize
it’s destroying your whole world

So I pray for your health and wellness
And your success and praise

And I pray that you be blessed with wealth
through all your dying days

I pray that you find happiness
And make your peace with God

And I pray that you learn to love yourself
And knock the bullshit off

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