Any day now…

I’m being out if my friend will hurry up. Jeez. She’s been doing her makeup for two hours. I curled my hair ten times and did my makeup in a half hour… Sigh… Women…

Mother of diCks (Poem)

Mother of diCks That bitch took my shit Now I’m walking round Looking tight Thinking like I might lose my grip Why the HELL she did dat fo? By the way it seems She be thinking She razed on me But I ain’t sweatin that Cuz I got more shit than I dare to admit And I’m bout to be sitting on plenty more that

Don’t free your slave (Poem)

Smother me with your manhood Tell me what you want Be my inspiration Your satisfaction turns me on If you want it Come and get it I’m always ready to go Just don’t let up Don’t free your slave These chains aren’t coming off

What iSreAL? (Poem)

Gaze into the waters of the divine spirit Seek and you will find what iSreAL All that is forged is a mockery And all who mock are death in the wind What make one think they are worthy? Worth more than the life they take? When the life they take is what keeps them alive And the life they build is fake An illusion that won’t last forever Unless forever lasts til our downfall The collapse of ALL the Godless ways In the war against what iSreAL

Let’s Make a Movie (Poem)

Let’s make a movie I wanna go hard You can be the director I’ll be the star I’m pulling out all the moves I’ll master every word You’ll be playing that tape so hard You’ll forget where you are I really wanna show you something you really wanna see So go and grab your director’s chair And come and take a seat

Rehabs are Twisted

My bunky left. She’s going to get high. That makes me very sad. I have a very bad feeling about this. She’s gonna end up in jail, I just know it.

Worst Morning Ever (Tanka)

Fell out of the bed Brushed my teeth with Cortizone Worst morning ever Got bare titty fLapped in face Curdled milk in my coffee

Feminine Energy

I’m trying to tap into my feminine energy so I can be more… Uuuuuuhhh… Feminine? Maybe then I’ll stay outta my head, causing me to pace around and walk like a man all day. But then I’ll hafta learn how to feel shit. And I suppose I’ll hafta stop cursing so much. I don’t know about this. Seems kinda overwhelming…


SoOoOooOo… You think you’re the man eh? You wanna rappa to me? You think you got what it takes to get in my panties? GET OUTTA HEEERE You think you’re hot shit eh? You think you’re gonna impress me? Lure me into your trap with dates and money? GET OUTTA HEEERE What’s that you say? You’re gonna do me right and pay my way? You’re gonna be the best man I ever had? GET OUTTA HEEERE

Altered Perception (Poem)

The continuum of altered perception begins before we are born and ends only when we identify and interpret its existence The culture of shame in all its nuances is rival to all good senses So vested in in the continuum of inclusion and exclusion that few can escape the scope of its lenses So stuck in the clash of who’s better than who And the war of status And the fight for what’s true That we fail to address the problem at hand The elephant in the room standing up on its head Who can say they are better? As they compete in the battle of shame? Outcasting all who don’t fit in the crowd