Maimed (Poem)

Once an addict always an addict
That’s what they like to say
Another dehumanizing qualifier to keep us all locked up in chains

Divisive antics
to keep us in different classes
to make it so one can make it
through to the higher ways

Unconditional positive regard
worse that a four letter word
to most it just seems so absurd
that an addict should ever be heard

“Why should they?
What do they know?
If they knew what is right, they wouldn’t down on the floor
Why should I care?
Why don’t they care?
They don’t deserve to live or to breathe the same air”

Why do we shame that which we don’t know?
Kicking the sick while they down on the floor

Act like we better when we all the same
Everyone is an addict
But some end up maimed

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