Learning to be an Elegant Woman

I been watching videos on AssTube from my newfound hero Anna Bey. She runs a finishing school and teaches women how to hone their feminine power by being elegant. I’m not so much into the whole attracting men part. I don’t care what they say, there are no good men left in the world. But I totally respect Anna Bay’s logic and advice. I wish more women would learn the ways of elegance so women, as a whole, can take back our power and stop allowing men to be spoiled, disgusting pigs.

Plus, I suppose I could benefit from putting a little more thought into my ways. Not for men’s sake. They can all go eat their own dicks. I guess it helps for my own self-awareness and junk like that.

Check her out…

Anna Bey

And on another note… Do you think Ms. Elegant would approve of hemming my pants with velcro? I’m going to Times Square to meet with this dude who’s trying to get me a temp position as an administrative assistant. I hope I get it. The only problem is the only business clothes I have were given to me and all the pants are too long. My friend is gonna hem them but she doesn’t have a sewing kit. So I hemmed them with velcro. Fake it til you make it right?

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