Life on Limited Terms (Poem)

Many of an addict has a story of the call to the streets
The call of freedom to do as thou will and live life without restraint
Or so it is thought

Surrounded by world class liars who can’t afford honesty
If you can’t lie your ass off to get what you want
You got no game

Trying on self-hating masks to people please your way up
Can’t nobody tell you nothing

You get what you want
And want what ain’t cut

But that’s just one of the many lies you keep telling yourself
Your patholical disease has got you warring against your will

The same lies
The same games
The same self-destructive thoughts

Over and over and over again
expecting different results

Living life on limited terms
Slowly suffocating all hope

Until you’re a headless hollow
The only thing missing is the dirt

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