No Seige Unpunished (Poem)

When I have nothing better to do
I bug out on life

I think of how rEtArdEd the world is
And imagine all the things I’d do if I had the chance


Delve deep into the Scriptures
to gather the hidden gem

So I can hark the good news of Kingdom Come
And release the gates within

Then start a revolution
in the secret way things are

Shame the wisdom of the world
Deliver the morning star

Ignite the destined holy war
Do battle with the liars and frauds

Smash the mirrors
Winnow the smoke
Scorn the demigods

Declare to the annointed that it’s the last day
Blaze every last motherfucker who tries to get in my way

Get summoned by the fake news
to explain why I’m running amok

So I can say they’ll have to excuse me
I really need to take a dump

Do everything to the ‘say no names’
that they ever did to us

Remind them that it’s judgement day
No seige will go unpunished

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