A Life Worth Talking About (Poem)

Recovery means so many things
depending on who you’re asking

If you ask a limited person
You’ll get self-limiting, judgemental thoughts

But recovery knows no boundaries
There’s no limit to who it can change

Whether you’re in active addiction
Or live a life that few can claim

Recovery is not about counting days
Or trying hard not to mess it up

It’s not about saving face
Or proving points
Or swerving bumps

Recovery is all about where you are
And where you intend to go

It’s a process of change through which one strives
to become the best version of one’s self

Only you can decide the ‘you’ you can be
The best ‘you’ that you can become

That’s why the word ‘recovery’ has more meaning than one can recount

It’s all about living a self-directed life
A life through which you have control of yourself

A life of health and wellness
A life worth talking about

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