The Sapphire and the Snakes (Parable)

White Snake by tomoki17 on DeviantArt

Once upon a time, there was a fierce tribe of poets who reigned the hills of foresight with the fire in their words. The hills were surrounded by snakes who secretly wanted to be like the poets, but the snakes were too imbecillic so they decided to take the poets’ words as their own.

With great God-fearing foresight, the poets knew what the snakes were plotting. So the poets embedded secret messages into the sapphire scepter that was positioned at the right hand side of the altar. One day, when they knew the snakes were spying, the poets discussed the secret of their fire-spitting ways. They led the snakes to believe the sapphire scepter was some typa magical relic sent from God to grant magical power and authority to those who possessed the scepter.

That night, before the snakes came forth to confiscate their self-proclaimed ‘birthright,’ the poets had their last supper in the hills of foresight. And during the final prayer, they sealed the scepter with a blessing and a curse. A blessing to all who look at the scepter and heed the secret warning. And a curse to all who look at the scepter and seek only the lies that the poets spoke when they fed it to the snakes.

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