Vaxx Tyrants

SoOooOoo… I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to get a job without vaccination. I already turned down two positions. I don’t care. The vaxx tyrants are going to have to drag me in kicking, screaming and spitting in their faces. And I hope one day you look back at all your fear mongering and realize what a flock of brainwashed sensationalists you all are.

Have you heard their rhetoric lately? It’s gotten waay outta hand. Many of them are actually saying they would support the government’s right to drag people in and have them forceably vacccinated so they can have a false sense of security. Why does that me them feel ‘secure?’ I serioouslly don’t get it. Is the government’s ridiculous fearmongering really that terrifying to the point where full blown fascism is no longer a concern? 

What is so terrifying? I’m the one at ‘risk’ not you. There’s no way they are vaccinating 8 billion people so you can get that ‘vaxxed against unvaxxed’ rhetoric out your head. This is not a matter of publiic health, it’s a matter of freedom. Freedoms that are being revoked one-by-one due to sensationalism.

But freedom clearly means nothing these days…

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