I’m going to bed forever (Poem)

I hate how dumb everyone is I’m going back to bed Wake me when it’s over And everyone grows a brain Or at least somebody grows some balls Which will probably be never So I’m going to bed forEVER

Vaxx Tyrants

SoOooOoo… I’m pretty sure I’m no going to be able to get a job without vaccination. I already turned down two positions. I don’t care. The vaxx tyrants are going to have to drag me in kicking, screaming and spitting in their faces. And I hope one day you look back at all your fear mongering and realize what a flock of brainwashed sensationalists you all are.

They… (Poem)

They whose names we must never mention have been scheming since the dawn of civilization From Mesopatamia to the NWO they have, one way or another, snaked their way into every institution known to humanity They are not the same They are serpents Ransacking the Earth for the next meal to conquer