Biden the Tyrant (Poem)

Biden the Tyrant
And his yellow gang of scrooges

Uprooting impunity with an intricate web of lies

They got their hooks in Daughter Zion
Wrapped in perfectly packaged silk
As they repeatedly regurgitate the carcass trapped inside

But they can’t kill the truth they so long to kill
without a nation of submissive swine
So they perform their signs and wonders on their trumped up web of lies

Implanting fear into the unwitting minds of sensationalistic swine
Making it seem like it’s the victim’s idea to forfeit every right

Profiteering their pointless vaccines
to help pay for their pointless wars
as they render our freedoms pointless
so they can sustain their pointless cause

From one tyrant to the next
They’ll keep on scrooging all the world

With their yellow bellied gang of tyrants
hiding behind ZION

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