The Narrative (Poem)

God bless America
The government is here for you

All those times you got lied to and swindled by politicians was all because you didn’t vote

When you dont vote
Politicians magically become crooks and liars
So vote like your life depends on it
Because it does

Oh Yeah
And communism is bad
Thinking for yourself is bad
Participating in the legislative process is bad
Freedom is only good when your rights are limited
Once you start thinking for yourself
Freedom is bad

Guns are bad
Guns kill people
We can’t waste our time trying to gut out the root causes of violence because that would mean we’d have to end poverty
And we cant do that because
Rich people

War is a necessary evil
Because gorsh golly
If US soldiers aren’t out there risking life and limb to rake in the cash for the war industry
Our economy will go kaput
And then how will we get our useless crap that decorates the landfills and oceans?

Israel is god’s holy nation
Jews are a very special breed of ‘humans’ who can only survive right smack dab in the middle of the lands that the war machine needs to make our economy great
We must support Israel no matter what it costs
Because kill kill kill

The eNd

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