Grown Man Child (Poem)

When I was a child
I talked like a child
I said mean things to mask how I really felt
Berated people with insults because I was emotionally and phonetically impaired
Ran my mouth to anyone who would listen because God forbid if everyone doesn’t know my business

I thought like a child
I needed constant reassurance about how things are going to work out for me in a future that nobody can predict
Decided that I am the center of my universe and everyone else is either by best friend or worst enemy depending on what I needed from them at the moment
Needed everyone to do for me what I was too incompetent to figure out for myself

I reasoned like a child
I figured that if I treated certain people like garbage as I waved my leverage over their heads that they would somehow be obliged to put up with my bullshit for the rest of their lives
Decided that I don’t need an education or any real therapeutic advice because I am just so damn good at being me
Blamed everyone else for ruining my life because I obviously had no control over my life so it must’ve been somebody else’s fault

When I got older I put my childish ways behind me…

The eNd

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