Maimed (Poem)

Once an addict always an addict That’s what they like to say Another dehumanizing qualifier to keep us all locked up in chains Divisive antics to keep us in different classes to make it so one can make it through to the higher ways Unconditional positive regard worse that a four letter word to most it just seems so absurd that an addict should ever be heard

Learning to be an Elegant Woman

I been watching videos on AssTube from my newfound hero Anna Bey. She runs a finishing school and teaches women how to hone their feminine power by being elegant. I’m not so much into the whole attracting men part. I don’t care what they say, there are no good men left in the world. But I totally respect Anna Bay’s logic and advice. I wish more women would learn the ways of elegance so women, as a whole, can take back our power and stop allowing men to be spoiled disgusting pigs.

. . . (Poem)

Someone snatched my body and took it for a ride  I was there But not really Your judgments don’t apply  It’s really hard to look back at the person I never was  It’s even harder to remember that place I went to take time off 

Get a Clue (Poem)

Ummmmmm… Are you okay? That could just be the dumbest thing I ever heard anybody say Do you actually think about the words that come out of your mouth these days? No seriously You just took the spotlight in the hall of WTF? If anybody gets any dumber we’ll have to start gluing mouths shut They just added a new tier to the list of “Get the fuck outta heres”

Life on Limited Terms (Poem)

Many of an addict has a story of the call to the streets The call of freedom to do as thou will and live life without restraint Or so it is thought Surrounded by world class liars who can’t afford honesty If you can’t lie your ass off to get what you want You got no game Trying on self-hating masks to people please your way up Can’t nobody tell you nothing You get what you want And want what ain’t cut

The Spark Within (Poem)

I can’t remember who I was before I forgot what life was all about Or maybe I never knew And that’s the reason I lost sight of who I was But that don’t matter here and now Cuz the girl I lost and never found Could’ve never known the holes I’ve dug Or how to fight her way back out You grow through what you go through And you go through what you need to find out who you really are As much as I hate the things I’ve done And I don’t wish my life on anyone I never would’ve lit the blaze If I hadn’t lost the spark within

It’s a Poem

It’s a poem if I say It’s a poem don’t ask why It’s a poem just know that It’s a poem cuz I say It’s a poem

Feelings got to go…

I been seeing a new psychiatrist/therapist and I been telling them what’s really going on in my membrane. I asked if I could get some shock therapy but they said it’s too early to discuss. Maybe if shock this thing out of me it will leave me alone…

Nonbinary Hoopla (Poem)

I was born a woman All my life I was taught that women are supposed to be a certain typa way Then I learnt that the patriarchy defines gender roles in ways that oppress both men and women So I decided to rebel against the gender roles by hopping on the nonbinary bandwagon Because the only way to make the statement that women don’t hafta be a certain typa way is to not identify as a woman… Wait … Huh?

Nightmare on Hell Street (Poem)

As tempests thrash in a distance too close to be acting loose Zion cries out Writhing in pain A woman giving birth to a child Do you hear Lady Wisdom calling? Can you hear Madame Insight raising her voice? She’s taken her stand in the heart of the city At the busiest intersection in the throngs of Times Square Where the numbers are highest She sets up her soapbox