KorNy (Poem)

You know when somebody steals from you And then they smile and wave in your face And you know they did it But you let them get away with it Because you can’t prove it Then they act like they do you favors But they’re really just doing it to steal from other people too

Crying in my Cornflakes (Poem)

Oh boOo hOoOo I’m crying in my cornflakes Every morn is the same ole thing I watch the news And bOoOo hOoOo in my cornflakes because I got no rights And I’m too lame to think of something new And too dumb to sit and think it through

Borrowed Time (Poem)

My porch was a mess My house was even worse My yard was decked with holes I had no excuse to make I had no one left to hurt I had nothing to call my own
All the masks I dawned to be part of the world To be part of the way that made me sick