Harlem Gentrification

I been wanting to take pics by the murals on 125th. I finally decide to take one while I am with my fellow recoveree who is… Ummmmmm… Let’s just say I felt mad awkward because she didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

So there’s this vacant lot on 125th. Harlem is full of vacant lots that were bought for cheap a while back, but the buyers just held onto them knowing that one day they’d be worth millions. Now there’s a huge debate about the fact that Harlem is in need of housing and other services so why are these ‘people’ holding onto empty lots.

The lot on 125th has been promised to be developed for over a decade. They keep saying they are going to build a new train station so the developers are waiting until that happens, but the train has also been promised for decades. Some Black lady on the train was boasting in joy that the train is coming soon and the White people are going to move in and clean up 125th. SoOoOoo… She’s basically in favor of gentrification… Super weird…

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