When LORD? When? (Poem)

Put your ear to my lips
And your shield to my heart

King of kings
Lord of lords

The brothels are overflowing with adultry
Endulgence is their statute
Fornication is their vow

Disease infects everyone they touch
Legs spread wide across the globe

High class whores with no class
Spewing profanities in the name of The Word

Bottom Bitch is trapped in a pimp circle
She thinks she’s got the world in her snatch

Her daddies plot against her

To use her tired old twat for all it’s worth
Then bury that bitch in the dirt

All the while, her Sister Madam stays trickin
Bottom Bitch’s daddies are her main tricks

She thinks she’s slick as she stacks her riches
Then feeds the poor like her house is lit

When LORD?
When will you end them?
Expose their filthy twats to the world

Force their legs shut and uproot them
Feed their bits to the birds


  1. I always am beyond amazed when I read an angry poem. It seems that I can write poetry from every emotion, except for anger. Thank you for sharing. Phenomenal piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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