First Thought Wrong (Poem)

I’m caught up in a cypher of first thought wrong Second thought vain Third thought lost I coast the banks of sabatoge Graze the pastures of fear Maintain a contemptible attitude toward the information I need And a grudge against life’s terms

The eNd (Poem)

This shit don’t make no sense And I’m done trying to figure it out The only question I have left is… Where’s my popcorn?

Coasting (Poem)

What do you call it when one loses all senses? All sense of hope expectations fear longing anxiety frustration When nothing makes sense or even really matters and you no longer care about the outcome of any given circumstance? When you lose the burden of worrying fortune telling?

The Balancing Act (Poem)

Life is a balancing act Death is the scale The choices we make are the weights that we hold That we throw on the platforms of what’s right and what’s wrong As we try to gain ground on the route that we’ve sown

Who wants to get knocked? (Poem)

Who wants to get… KNOCKED Who wants to get… Japped in the neck Snuffed in the head Sonned in the mouf Clacked in the face Decked off a roof Trown in the ground Who wants to get… KNOCKED

Another day in the pen… (Poem)

Another day trapped in the sheep pen Gettin fed all typa feed Camped up right side the sheep gate Waiting for my chance to flee I don’t know what they be sayin But I know it ain’t for me Cuz allz I know is I can see and what I see is blasphemy

Take it How You want It (Poem)

I say what I say And you can take it how you want it I’m not oblidged to try to change your mind I don’t need to answer your questions Or react to your antics Or partipate in your boorish mind games If you can’t understand what I’m saying Then I’m not talking to you I don’t explain myself And I don’t pander to tools

The Curse to Come (Poem)

Something’s coming in the air alright But it ain’t some typa hippie lookin fairy on a cloud It’s the stench of pile up in an open grave that looks more like a garbage dump Full of bodies that no one can claim Cuz the claimants got hit with the curse just the same No force Not truth, not reason Not even punishment from the mighty rod is able to knock sense into the recesses of the powerless netherworld

I Got Your Back (Poem)

I just want to touch you And talk to you And ask for your advice And play with you And support you And give you a rise I want to ride you And submit to you And give you what you want But most of all I want to have your back til the end No matter what

KorNy (Poem)

You know when somebody steals from you And then they smile and wave in your face And you know they did it But you let them get away with it Because you can’t prove it Then they act like they do you favors But they’re really just doing it to steal from other people too