Poetic Justice (Poem)

A poet is a seeker who never finds A nomad who never rests A reaper whose harvest is never enough Sowing words like wild oats chasing after wind Falling where they fall in a whirlwind of dauntless mayhem

My Sister’s Keeper (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Niomi. May her next life be abundant in joy and prosperity… I have so many sisters How can I keep them all? I’d need a super brain just to remember who they are But that is no excuse for dispossesing my own worth Preaching faith, joy, kindness And unrelenting love All the while caught up in petty dreams on a cloud where nothing seems to matter but what I can get or everyone can do for me

A Full Shit (Poem)

You thought I didn’t give a shit So you treated me like shit When the shit piled up I started slinging the shit So you gave me more shit for slinging the shit that you slung at me Then I dropped your shit And took to the streets on a shit spree

Sexiest Man Alive

Humble, thoughtful, humorous, charismatic, respectable, driven, focused, passionate, prolific, articulate, fierce, ambitious. These are just a few words to describe the sexiest, most brilliant man I ever laid eyes on. He’s the only man I ever truly felt, and the only one I have ever fantasized about.  Sometimes I catch myself crying because I am cursed to be crazy in love with a dude who mine as well love on the moon. So, without further adu…  The Sexiest Man Alive award goes to…


It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not gonna freak out because I am on some next shit and certain ‘people’ are still swimming in their own shit. I would be offended by the fact that certain ‘people’ continue to insult me and ridicule me while I’m try to recover from the same shit they keep throwing at me. But I seriously don’t give a shit anymore

The Eighth Chakra (Poem)

When I saw you with my third eye chakra I knew we were meant to be It was a silly passing thought But still your spirit entered me And suddenly my heart chakra
stopped me in my tracks A surge of passion flooded in And I could feel for no one else Then deep within my sacral chakra an eternal flame arose Smoldering with every fantasy a void could hold

Ten Second Rhymez (Poem)

Two secs the think Five secs to write Two secs to fly over your nest as I drop a duece in your mouth like a mother bird feeding her chick One sec to prime Ten second rhymez

All that you need… (Poem)

Surrender Hang in there Do the next right thing Stay focused Dont blow this That gnawing in your gut will go away Don’t worry You’ll get there Your path will clear It may not be what you want But it’s all that you need

Life is Stupid and it Sucks (Lyrics)

Life is stupid OoOh oOoh And it sucks Life is awful bum bum And so dumb I Have a roof Over My head I have pillows on my warm bed I am plump Cuz I’m well fed I Have a story Cuz I’m not dead

One of those days… (Poem)

You know those days when everybody’s being mad extra? And all you want to do is be alone But you can’t And everybody keeps asking you annoying questions like… Are you okay? What’s wrong with you? Do you ever sit still? Why are you so pissed? Why do you walk like a gangter? And then they start giving you dumb advice like