Master of Disaster (Poem)

Master of disaster
King of denial

If only I could save you
I wouldn’t walk a half a mile

You’re a thorn in my side
A splinter in my eye

The storm that rolls across my sky
The shame that makes me wonder why?

A black cat in my narrow path
The scum that winds up in my bath

If true love were a mystery
Then your love is a misery

I hate you, and I hope you know
I see right through your nasty soul

Master of all indignity
Baron of iniquity

Take your lies and go away
You must leave you cannot stay

A synonym for me is blue
An antonym for me is you

I praise the day when we are through
Can’t count the conflicts we accrue

Just who we are
I thought you knew

We are an ass
Both me and you

Together we weren’t meant to be
I should’ve stayed in Tennessee

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