Hell Mary (Poem)

Hell Mary
Full of shit
The Lord is with thee

Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy bowels
And the crown of twelve stars upon thy head

Lowly Mary
Mother of Sin
Wail with us sinners
Now until the hour of thy death

For you are Mother of All The Living
And all the living are thriving in pain

You gave birth to a mad man
And now all men are insane

Can’t say when the shit will ever end
But your shit trumps all shit
And your crown, the new trend

So please, won’t you, stay for while
Make em eat up your shit
As you conjure a trial

Lock em up before dawn
But don’t throw away the key

A thousand years they’ll be broken
A thousand years we’ll be free

And when it’s all over, let em out
One last crime spree

Then kill the Liar
And kill the Cain
And we all will live happily

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