Pining for You (Poem)

Pining for you is a lingering death Performed by a seasoned executioner I awake every morning Waterlogged Gasping for each excruciating breath My heart feels like a marching band Signaling the surrender of my will to live

Master of Disaster (Poem)

Master of disaster King of denial If only I could save you I wouldn’t walk a half a mile You’re a thorn in my side A splinter in my eye The storm that rolls across my sky The shame that makes me wonder why?

Hell Mary (Poem)

Hell Mary Full of shit The Lord is with thee Blessed art thou among women And blessed is the fruit of thy bowels And the crown of twelve stars upon thy head Lowly Mary Mother of Sin Wail with us sinners Now until the hour of thy death Amen

Maria Prosecuter stuns in some typa pants and a shirt

Maria Prosecuter was spotted today in Spanish Harlem wearing some typa pants and a shirt. It’s unclear who the designer is but woooaah… Pants… Look at me… Im soOooOoo pretty…