Demi Lovato’s Contradictions Strike Again

I generally don’t give a crap what these hussies on the blood carpet have to say. But every now and then there’s that one super annoying one who irks me to the core and I just can’t hold back. And right now it’s Demi Lovato’s increasingly brainwashed LGBTQQPIDNLA rhetoric.

The danzel in clear distress recently blamed the patriarchy for her reluctance to call herself “they or them.” (does this mean she has been diagnosed with DID?) Meanwhile, she previously stated that some chick named Sam Smith inspired her newfound revelation.

SooOoOoo… The patriarchy prevented you from conforming to a fad that just recently took root and the patriarchy has been stopping to from adopting this new trend your whole life?

Do people ever actually hear the words that come out of their mouths these days?

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