Black Day (Poem)

Oh what a black day it will be
When I castrate the harlots of blasphemy

When their means to seduce
becomes the means to their end

And the black day that cometh
bears no fair weather friends

They spread out their legs to the kings of the world
Committing adultry against the sovereign lord

And as they boast of a covenant they never did know
Judging the lowly with miscreant blows

They horde up their riches
Repudiate the poor
Subjugate the masses with confusion and lore

From Egypt’s donkey dick
To Rome’s King Kong balls
Their philandering twats became a giant black hole

Sucking the life out of everything pure
Enforcing a game that none can endure

Oh what a beautiful day it will be
When they swallow they pride before a diamond like me

When the crowds go wild from the words that I speak
And the temptress bed puts the temptress to sleep

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