Queen Zion and the Curse of the Wicked (Scripture)

Resplendent and unfading is Queen Zion the spirit of Wisdom that emanates the precepts of Yahuwah, Lord of the way things are. He built His sanctuary in the heights of Her holy mountain that His Name may remain righteous and unblemished for all generations. His love for Her transcends all things, for She is the attendant at His throne and the Spirit guarding the gates of His Kingdom.

The desire for Wisdom is a straight path through which Yahuwah blazes into view and blesses His children with a splendid crown, a beautiful diadem, an unfailing treasure more valuable than any earthen gem. From the dazzle of Zion shall shine forth eternal light in a radiant spectacle of pure effusion. Through understanding Her children shall be preserved, and through discipline they shall inherit the Kingdom of Glory, which He has established on Earth forever.

The holy Spirit of discipline flees deceit and withdraws from senseless counsels.

And to the wicked Yahuwah says:

“What right do you have to boast of My covenent and blasphem My statutes with your double-dealing tongues? Adversaries of My counsel, mockers of My throne. You who hate discipline, and trample my words underfoot. You lie in wait with murderers, devising the plans of thieves. You spare not the widow, the prisoner, nor the poor. Making laws that make victims while ostracizing all who rebuke your perilous haunts. And as you commence in the great war of ignorance, you call such evils peace.

These things you have done and I kept silent; but in the coming days of wrath I will rebuke you and present My case in the court of the eyes of all. When the rebellion occurs and your witchery is revealed, the spell you bound in darkness will be cast out by the refulgence of eternal light. And on My merciless day of wrath, I will tear you to pieces, and scatter your bones in the valley of decision. You will cry out, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but no one will save you.”

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