The Gaslight List (Poem)

The List, The List
Anything but the list

Place any burden on me
Just don’t go down the list

Isn’t it exhausting?
To keep tabs on every slight?

Every argument?
Every rumor?
Every paranoid, homespun lie?

Every time something happens
The smallest thing that you dont like

It turns into an eruption
Decades worth of smite

Denial is your breastplate
Manipulation is your word

Blaming is your iron shield
And the list is your sword

In case you haven’t noticed
I ain’t rolling with this fight

I ain’t dwelling on your petty blows
Your hook won’t get a bite

So you can argue with yourself all day
You can yell at the walls

I’m over you and the list motherfucker
In case you didn’t know


  1. That’s a really short and sweet poem conveying your thoughts on gaslighting – the typical weapon most narcissists resort to! Narcissism is one of my favorite personality disorders to talk about. I am sorry if that happened to you. Stay strong, beautiful 🙂

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