Certain ‘People’ Never Change (Journal Entry)

Eminem ft Dr. Dre and Sly Piper – Guns Blazin (Lyrics)

Some people make no sense. And any last bit of extra brain power I had for processing useless information was sapped through brain trauma aka PTSD.

I have no patience or empathy for people who use their sob story as an excuse for treating me with any less love and respect than I have for myself. Been there done that and I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever put myself in that situation ever again. I’d rather be homeless than locked in a cage with a Lizard.

So you can pore over your never ending list of shit that you caused and complain about your self-directed lifestyle for the rest of your life. I won’t be there to endure your struggle. I got my own life to live. Thanks for that. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Maybe try getting some help. It is possible, but highly unlikely, for narcissists to overcome their illness. The reason why the odds are stacked is because narcissists cannot admit to wrongdoing. Everything always has to be someone else’s fault. And when I say ‘therapy’ I mean someone who will coach you to learn what a healthy relationship is, what love and respect looks like, and how to talk to people like an actual human being.

The eNd

P.S. Since you love sending me Eminem songs and other bullshit, I thought I’d give it a try.

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