Times Square Hustlers (Journal Entry)

Today was quite the eventful day. First I had to do paperwork for an internship as a residential aid on the lower westside Manhattan; whereupon I took these snazzy pics displayed on my Hell Mary poem.

Then I got lost on my way to the Tobacco Harm Reduction Project on Broadway…

Then I got hustled by a Buddhist monk… go figger. He came up to me and put bracelets on my wrist and a necklace on my head then demanded $20. I gave him $5 so he took the necklace back. I asked him to take a pic, but he ran off. The dude in these pics is his cohort…

Then I got ran up on by Elmo & Friends. They ran up and surrounded me like I was their best friend, grabbed my phone, and asked me for “tip.” I looked in my pocket and realized my money was missing. I didn’t even realize they took this pic til I got home. Later on I saw them getting pushed up on for money by their pimp. I wish I had took a pic of that shit… Priceless…

And the biggest hustler award goes to this girl, Stephanie Flows. I wish I had taken a pic of her basket full of cash…

The eNd


  1. Maria in wonderful NYC! I miss NY, though think it would be just a bit too much for me nowadays! Robbed by Elmo, I never did trust that little freek!

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