Drunkalogue (Poem)


I’m not sure how my drunkalogue ends. I’m not sure if it will ever end. The only thing I’m sure of is it makes absolutely no sense. And it starts out like this…

Like clockwork
I tell myself this is gonna be the day

For 24 hours
I will find a way

To subdue the alters huddled up in my brain

Playing with matches
Trying to drive me insane

Hour by hour

I focus on self care
I think about what I am here for

I write out my madness
I read all the literature

Minute by minute

One foot in front of the other
I map out my day
I stick to my plans

I think to myself…

“I’m sober today
What more can I ask for?”

Second by second

I’m starting to itch
The alters are kreepin

Keep shrugging it off

I’m sober today
Is what I keep thinking

Then around six o’clock
I start to unravel
The alters come out

They dont care about what I’m saying
They want what they
Want what they want

I can’t settle down

I’d rather be dead
than trapped in this hell hole

I deserve one more round

I’m done with today
Tomorrow I’m sober

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