Demi Lovato’s Contradictions Strike Again

I generally don’t give a crap what these hussies on the blood carpet have to say. But every now and then there’s that one super annoying one who irks me to the core and I just can’t hold back. And right now it’s Demi Lavato’s increasingly brainwashed LGBTQQPIDNLA rhetoric.

Intelligence (Poem)

Your intelligence is an insult My vengeance is the result Your pride is a mask for your shrouded occult You ridicule the masses for their incessant contempt Their legitimate resentment for all you represent Poisoning the well with your staunch disposition Your condescending tone And your shoal acquisitions

Black Day (Poem)

Oh what a black day it will be When I castrate the harlots of blasphemy When their means to seduce becomes the means to their end And the black day that cometh bears no fair weather friends They spread out their legs to the kings of the world Committing adultry against the sovereign lord

IsraHELL’s Brazen Harlotry Reaches New Heights

IsraHELL Mother of Harlot’s is spreading her legs on Tik Tok to seduce the unwitting masses into fornication with her genocidal ways. Who knew Tik Tok is just another gimmick to spread divisive confusion as humanity edges the brink of mass extinction?

Shots in the Dark (Poem)

Shots in the dark It’s no wonder why you can’t make the mark It’s no wonder you done lost from the start It’s no wonder I don’t feel for your loss Shots in the dark Like those holes in your heart Oozing death into the ark Hope sinking in the fog

That’s Capitalism (Poem)

How is it that ‘people’ achieve so much yet accomplish absolutely nothing? Life is but a dream and the dreamers are in a coma. Bed ridden on life support, disheveled to the bone. Haphazardly living on time that is borrowed from trustees who can end it all at any given moment. Reluctant to ‘come to’ in fear that reality will never be as fulfilling as the illusion that expends even the faintest tenor.

If I get murdered… (Journal Entry)

Today I was assigned to a men’s shelter as part of my internship. It’s in Brooklyn at a spot where one woman was murdered by some homeless dude who had a crush on her. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I suppose I have just as much of a shot getting murdered where I live in Harlem.

Right Here Right Round (Poem)

You say I’m kray? I say it’s part of my genius Tapping into the waters Hidden deep in the desert Fink I’m rowdy? I fink you better let go Of you’re holding that on And that you’d rather not say

Somebody heLLLp (Tanka)

Somebody heLLLp meee My brain has been overthrown How did this happen? Twitterpation evelops my mind Some dude I don’t even know WAAAAAAAH