The Narrow Path (Poem)

If we left the right
And right is to the left
Then straight is far from in between

Traveling the narrow path
is far from what it seems

Judging by the standards
of misled odysseys

Right is never righteous
And foul is never grieved

Judge not that you will be judged
By the standards you uphold

All hypocrites and liars
Will receive judgment sevenfold

Inflicting callous sentiment
In the name of our sovereign lord

Ridiculing all who stumble
in the midst of all you hoard

All the while
All your works are null
And the words you preach are void

You praise your mythical traditions
Over all you have destroyed

How can you remove a stain?
When the stain you own is worn?

And why do you blame the speck of your brother?
When the plank in your own eye is mourned?

You preach The Word like it’s a menu
Autocratically selecting what to serve at your feasts

Then you garnish it up with cake and wine
And all sorts of indulgent delicacies

‘Come one come all’
You shout to the crowd
‘The feast the tabernacle is served’

Then one by one you turn them away
Stampeding crooked paths as they kick up the dirt

The straight and narrow has no short cuts…
No corners to turn

No dead ends
No excursions
No bridges to burn

There is but one thing you can bring
on the journey through the narrow path

And that one thing is love

Everything else a yoke that binds us
to the burdens that make us swerve

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