I’m Falling (Poem)

I’m falling
Who’s gon catch me?

I’ve been falling a long time
Ain’t nobody catching me

Ain’t nothing helping me
Ain’t no one stopping me

I’m bout to give up
I’m bout to lose my mind

But I can’t…

Cuz I’m so low at the bottom
That the top looks like a black hole

Sucking the life out of everything around me
Mutating paradise into the gulf of sheol

I wouldn’t go there to save my life
I wouldn’t go there to take a hike

I’d rather stay here at the tip top empty
Throwing shots at the bourgeois throne

All you bottom feeders can reap your spending
When your world comes crashing
Bone for bone

I’m slipping
I’m falling
I can’t get up

I’m tripping
I’m bawling
I’m burning the clutch

I’m losing too much
But I can’t lose my touch…

So hit me up when you change your mind
I’ll go where the wind blows

Take in the breeze and try to unwind
As I fall where the end flows

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