Apologetics (Scripture)

Where is the love in professing an impossible truth? If the universe performed the impossible by spontaneously combusting itself into existence then the only retrospective possibilities are those that were born into the new possibility.

The academic world could certainly publish copious amounts of literature pertaining to the philosophy of possibilities, a degree that would take at least a decade to master. But why complicate something so simple?

Apologetics… What an interesting term to describe a culture that is neither repentant nor inclined to make amends for their insufferable assault against the human psyche. Oxymoronic at best, completely hypocritical at worst.

The Scriptures… A grassroots movement over 6,000 years in the coming. A revelation so simple and profound that the dominating elite who thrive in confusion still can’t figure it out.

Freedom of speech wasn’t always a thing you know. The great pioneers spoke in parables to trick their enemies into thieving the curse that would destroy the adversary during the end of days.

Ticky, ticky, ticky…

Chewbacca Theory: If it don’t make sense, you must acquit…

Words to live by…

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