The Trojan Horse of Shame (Poem)

Divinations peel through my layers as I invoke my crystal ball. Doom and gloom headlines every forecast. My only reprieve comes from the murals on my wall.

I try to stay focused. Try to live in the present. Make my to do lists. Plan out my schedule. I come up with all sorts of gimmicks to stay grounded and inspired. But at the end of each day I prove to be hard wired.

What triumphs prevail beyond noise in my mind? Static engulfs my every vision in the quicksands of time.

Rarely I feel worthy of more than my life has become. Shame is the trojan horse that keeps me riding in the gutter. Stealthily asserting its presence in my kingdom. A gift from my contenders as a proclamation of defeat.

Idling in my courtyard, seemingly benign. Snickering at my every move. Waiting for the time. Then down comes the hatch, out come all my faults. Pecking at my pounds of flesh…

No hope in this Pandora’s box.

So I run into the gutter. Shelter from my storm. I’d rather stay out in the streets than fight the trojan horse.

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