Paint Me Free (Poem)

Yahuwah, Lord of daubers

Every stroke of your brush is a coveted prize
Crimson sunsets garnishing coral embellished tides

Double rainbows tagging the mountains
Playful animations in the billowing clouds

All other works are acts of forgery
There is no creativity that is not inspired of you

We are the clay
You are the potter
We are the work of your hands

Just as you build us up
And fortify our graces
So can you smash us into unrecognizable pieces

Hear me great whisperer
For I have been smashed
Whisper me back to your canvas

Paint me with wholeness and unity in your love
Put me back together
An indestructible force

Free me from all my fears and grievance
And all the snares I’m holding onto

Paint me with humility
Paint me in a million shades of blue

Remove the puppet strings from my heart
Release the butterflies from my gut

Paint me with courage
Paint me with grace
Paint me sober
Paint me free

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