Can’t Touch This (Poem)

Take my money
I’ll dig you a hole

Call me a sinner
I’ll play that role

Mock my ingenuity
I’ll make you scream my name

And if you try to crush my fervency
I’ll burn you just the same

You can’t touch this MAAAN
You can’t touch this

You can’t touch what you can’t see
And you can’t see bliss

You only see what you want to see
And you don’t want this

You can’t find what you can’t hear
And you can’t hear truth

You only hear what you want to hear
And you don’t want ruth

How many times have I lost my mind?
How many souls remain unfound?

Why do you judge what is not refined?
Why do you preach what is not sound?

How can I live another day in a world of so much pain?
How can I conquer the ’enlightened?’
And awake the mundane?

Your filthy hands you cannot hide
Your sorry dreams I can’t abide

You cannot touch what you cannot feel
You cannot hide what you can’t conceal

Whether you’re a chump
Or a man of steel

You can’t touch this MAAAN
Get Real

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