The Sideliners (Scripture)

So tired yet so alert, half-asleep yet reluctant to close my eyes. Glaring at the creepy old church, broken windows, tattered moldings crafted by a skilled artisan. A spirited gust of cool, misty air came rustling through the barely cracked window. Spine-tingling relaxation swathed my wearied essence.

As the cool calm awakened my senses, a vision caged my mind into a trance. A vision of prosperity more bountiful than any visionary could possibly envision. Entranced by the wonder that stood just within my reach, I glanced to the left then to the right.

A battle of organs erupted in my torso. My heart sank into my gut. “What the…” I thought to myself, dishearted by what I saw.

A stretch of sideliners further than my eyes could witness elongated next to a barbed-wire fence. Gossiping, playing games, fighting, cursing, drugging, boozing, marrying, celebrating, flossing their earthly spoils. Committing every act of defiance in clear sight of the gatekeepers who guarded the glorious Kingdom that was hiding in plain sight.

Frustrated and overwhelmingly saddened by what I saw, I cried out in pangs of distress, “Blind guides and lost sheep. You abandoned your Shepherd for fruitless gain. Lost your sight in pursuit of idolatry. Slough off your excess and get off the fence. Your worthless wares will be the death of you. Prosperity is just beyond your reach…”

But they did not listen. They filled the cup of wrath and invoked the great deluge…

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