Captive Zion (Scripture)

Daughter Zion has become an object of horror
A song of mockery
An insolent taunt among the nations

Destined for captivity
Into captivity she has gone

Babylon her gatekeeper
Sheol her dwelling place

Woe is Babylon the Great
A den of devils
A trap for every foul spirit
A snare for every filthy, hateful bird

Seducing the nations with her cup of adultery
A maddening temptress in her lustful abode

The kings of the world are drunk with her plagues
Merchants have grown fat from her decadence

Arrogance inflames the great city of madness
Foolishness is the mark of her ways

But the cup she has filled is worth double in wrath
She plants a vinyard of malice
And reaps a valley of death

Unblemished the promise since the beginning
Woe the curse that strikes in the end

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