The Narrow Path (Poem)

If we left the right And right is to the left Then straight is far from in between Traveling the narrow path is far from what it seems Judging by the standards of misled odysseys Right is never righteous And foul is never grieved

Decisions decisions (Journal Entry)

I been trying to get into a NYC approved recovery coach program, but I keep hitting dead ends. I recently signed up for an internship program to work in the shelter system, which would get my foot in the door. I just found another program for the CRPA but if I do that and the other one I’ll be working round the clock.

My Bitch Slave Cellar (Poem)

You held me down for a long time Imprisoning my burdens so I could attempt to do that thing called “live” I taunted you daily Lunging hot metal pokers through your steel bars

I’m Falling (Poem)

I’m falling Who’s gon catch me? I’ve been falling a long time Ain’t nobody catching me

I Stopped Biting My Nails (Journal Entry)

I been biting my nails since i can remember. My earliest memory of biting my nails must have been when I was two or three years old.

Apologetics (Scripture)

Where is the love in professing an impossible truth? If the universe performed the impossible by spontaneously combusting itself into existence then the only retrospective possibilities are those that were born into the new possibility.

The Patriarchy (Poem)

Free loosies Half-price everything Random twenty dollar bills I don’t need to do much of anything Bat my eyes Flaunt my hips

Free Acupuncture (Journal Entry)

I just dids me some free acupuncture. I been putting it on my itinerary for weeks, but I keep forgetting. My sober companion finally reminded me.

The Shitstorm’s a Comin (Poem)

The shitstorm’s a coming Better think up a plan Better sit tight or go hard Better find a new klan Ain’t no way you gon make it Get away scott free

The Backwards Man (Poem)

Bedeviled by the backwards man He’s got the whole world diggin his backwards dance He’s got a backward suit And a backward stance
No one walks backward fast as he can