Sort the Shit Out (Poem)

I can only guess where I’m going
But I know exactly where I’ve been
Eating the apple of discord
Playing my fiddle
Above board

Aim for the River (Lyrics)

I aim for the river
Into the water
Into the distance
Lonely all alone
Living for the moment
Veil a memoria

I’m feeling all Twitterpated for no reason

Somebody heLLLp… I’m gonna throw up…

Falling for Your Heat (Lyrics)

Many moments are for
Years to come

After all
It took some time to pick it up

If the Shoe Fits (Poem)

Tales of old are old tales told
Some tales grow cold
When the wrong tales are sold
But the oldest of tales are not tales at all
For truth outlives fiction
Whether bought or sold

Censor This (Lyrics)

Dead haul
Hanging out the window
Flippin up my finger
Hell if I offend ya