Evolution (Poem)

God created man
As the most resilient race

But the angel of darkness entered our minds
And we fell from the purest grace

We became like heathens and vagabonds
Like felons in pursuit

We ignored His decrees
We belittled His warnings
We became so dissolute

Not knowing how to live our lives
Not knowing what we do

Not knowing that there is a God
Who loves both me and you

Man was created in the image of His Utmost Majesty
And in His Image we were meant to live for all eternity

Man was never meant to die
Death was wrought with one big lie

“You will be like GOD!” he said
“You won’t die nor break your tread!”


I wish he were dead
I wish he were never born
Wish I could knock him in his head

For you nor I will ever see
Until we embrace His Majesty

We will never know the Purest Love
We will never see peace
Nor this thereof

So here’s my theory of evolution
A word to the wise in this devolution

Until we resume the purest grace
We will never be the most resilient race

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